Our Price Model

Behind our price model is a logic centered around the fact that these pieces will be a fixture of your life forever, therefore we don't count the minutes and hours to decide a cost.  Well base it roughly on 100/ per hour, with you knowing the price before we began with no surprises at the end.  If we go longer than the number we've decided on, no more money will be charged, its about the tattoo, the art, and needs nothing left out or rushed.   



Deals Currently Running

We enjoy tattooing, meaning our inclination is to do the best tattoo with the price coming second.  

Get an all day session 11-8/9pm (whatever you can take) for $500. that's ten hours of work at 50% off.

Summer shop minimum has been changed to $40, cheapest in town guaranteed!

Repeat customers and referral customers will often be given certificates of credit and breaks on price the more you visit our establishment.  Call, text, email, or just come by to speak to us further!